Human Rights – from where do they come?

Obviously, there are different historical highlights, the last had been the foundation of the United Nations and then the Universal Declaration. Still, there is a history linked and we can look back from there, and forward too.

One question remains usually in the background, it is about morality on the one hand and on the other hand some kind of objectivity, more or less open in its definition.

HRUG, our working group, had been frequently dealing with this question and decided to approach the topic in a more systematic way. The result – still of a never ending debate – is now online:

Human Rights – Searching for the Foundation

Host & Organiser: HRUG – Human Rights — Universal – Global April 19th, 2022 Ankara, 長沙, Corcaigh, Lisboa, Johannesburg 小组讨论 Panel Discussion Joe Finnerty, keeping Peter Herrmann, Mehmet Okyayuz and António Manuel Duarte under control

Available here and also on our Chinese Video channel

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