Righteousness and Justice – Individual and Society

It seems that it has never been as valuable as today: the protection of privacy and the right to freedom of speech. While this is in general terms appreciated, it is in reality often treated in a rather casual manner, already since a long time. Leaving control of letters, telephone tapping and other intelligence measures … Read more

Answering Society and Humanity under Threat – The Value of Law, Expertise and Opinion

There are obviously two major, and somewhat opposed, developments putting humanity and the way humans organise themselves to test: on the one hand we find the development of digitalization and so-called artificial intelligence, questioning the independence and exceptionality of humankind; on the other hand, nature and the perception of nature respectively are equally putting humankind … Read more

Model Constitution?

23rd of Mai Germany celebrated the 75th anniversary of the constitution – that is what they say. It is interesting how casually data is handled. In fact, the Basic Law had been originally seen as temporary – and as such agreed upon; only layer, after the former GDR had been taken over, had been taken over, the … Read more


It is again and again emphasised the freedom is one of the core values and right of human beings and central middle of societies and society to togetherness. The meaning of freedom, however, remains often unclear and what is more, conditions behind freedom not really investigated, at least in a deeper meaning – going beyond … Read more


Topic: Community matters – law and pre-legal/informal settings. Presenter: Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz Professor and Principal Investigator, Southeast Asia Biodiversity Research Institute and Center for Integrative Conservation, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 2023 Chinese Government Friendship Award. He focuses on the ecological habits of large mammals in Asia, working with local communities in remote areas of … Read more

Varieties of Capitalism – What or How?

Varieties of capitalism had been often found …, or invented, depending on one’s standpoint: What some see as difference, as structural rupture is for others not much more than a tiny alteration, not making a real difference. However, one often forgotten question is to ask what capitalism is and in which way it links to … Read more

Corona — more than often discussed

here some recent publications from the group/members Political Economy, Macroeconomics and Political System: General Theory and its Meaning in the Geopolitical Perspective on the Coronavirus Pandemic Author: Peter Herrmann For Professors, Instructors or Students interested in discounts, please click here for more information:  https://novapublishers.com/instructors-and-students/. The Small Print of Human Rights: Experiences During the Pandemic from China, … Read more

Artificial intelligence – what is the point of Human Rights if Humanity is De-Humanised?

We witness since about 2022 a kind of hype around artificial intelligence – apparently it started with Chat GPT. And indeed, it is technologically a fascinating development and hard to believe: the idea that apparently part of what is generally seen as essential for human being or humanness can be replaced by technology. Looking at … Read more

The Team of the CSU Human Rights Center Has Successfully Finished the Activities of Visiting and Reporting on the Universal Periodic Review of the Human Rights Council

From January 22 to February 2, 2024, the 45th session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group of the United Nations Human Rights Council was held in Geneva, Switzerland. During the session, Prof. Mao Junxiang, Executive Director of the CSU Human Rights Center, along with the delegation of the China Society for Human Rights … Read more