Human rights-the dark side

China is frequently criticised for breaching human rights. As the concept of human rights is not a static one, but must be understood as dynamic, there is surely always a reason for critically reflecting on the human rights situation in the world, more concretely in the member states of the United Nations. In order to … Read more

16th  Virtual Exhibition of Psychology of Art

“Art for Ethnic Minorities’ Rights” This 16th edition of the Virtual Exhibition of Psychology of Art shows examples of works of art that might promote psychological change in perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of defence and promotion of ethnic minorities’ Rights. The works were selected by students of a course in psychology of art (bachelor in psychology – Faculty of … Read more

flawed, funny … very sad though

I doubt if we can do justice especially after the reading the following tribute. No one can put it better than  this veteran journalist. On the death of DESMOND MPILO TUTU (7 OCTOBER 1931 – 26 DECEMBER 2021) (from the Daily Marverick) George Mpedi Lethokwa, HRUG-member